Strategies for Supply Chain Resilience in the Global Permacrisis Era – Warungku Terkini

In recent years, the concept of ‘Permacrisis’—a term denoting prolonged periods of instability and insecurity, sparked by concurrent catastrophic events—has gained prominence. This term not only encapsulated the essence of 2022 but continues to hold relevance in 2024, affecting global supply chains and subsequently, the retail sector. The ongoing challenges underscore the critical need forRead More

From Local to Global: Singaporean Anti-Drone Pioneer TRD Protects Against the Rising Threat in Over 30 Countries – Warungku Terkini

TRD man-portable systems As the world witnesses an increasing deployment of drones in asymmetric warfare, exemplified by recent conflicts in Ukraine and the Red Sea, the need for innovative countermeasures has never been more pressing. Enter TRD, a Singaporean anti-drone company, which is making headlines for its ground-breaking solutions in this burgeoning field. TRD’s journeyRead More

China’s President Xi Jinping Urges Global Unity and Cooperation, Highlights Belt and Road Initiative at Forum – Warungku Terkini

66 BEIJING Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned against decoupling from China and criticised Western efforts to reduce dependence on the Chinese economy. He praised his grand plan of building global infrastructure and energy networks connecting Asia with Africa and Europe through overland and maritime routes, stating that “blueprints turned into real projects.” Over 130Read More

Unabiz And KAIFA In Strategic Partnership To Accelerate Global Smart Water Metering With Sigfox 0G – warungku – Warungku Terkini

Unabiz And KAIFA In Strategic Partnership To Accelerate Global Smart Water Metering With Sigfox 0G KAIFA – world’s leading utility business digitalisation solution provider, and UnaBiz – Massive IoT service provider and integrator, announce strategic partnership to accelerate the global deployment of smart water metering solutions empowered by Sigfox 0G technology, including collaboration to bringRead More

50% of the global orderbook held by just two shipping sectors – Warungku Terkini

More startling data on the extraordinarily skewed nature of the global ship orderbook has emerged. According to data from Clarksons Research fully 50% of the the global orderbook in cgt terms is contracted for just two shipping segments, LNG and containers. Clarksons Research’s upcoming Shipping Review & Outlook publication shows the huge variation in orderbooksRead More

Global Market for Displays in AR, VR and MR to Reach US$4.6 Billion by 2034, Says IDTechEx – warungku – Warungku Terkini

Global Market for Displays in AR, VR and MR to Reach US$4.6 Billion by 2034, Says IDTechEx Sam Dale, Technology Analyst Author: Sam Dale, Technology Analyst at IDTechExSpatial computing promises to transform the way people interact with their devices as computing goes truly 3D, with early signs of change already underway. While Apple’s upcoming Vision ProRead More

A Game Changer for Global Progress – The Asia Live – Warungku Terkini

65 Australia’s nеw intеrnational dеvеlopmеnt policy has thе potеntial to bе a gamе-changеr on thе world stagе. With a focus on gеndеr еquality, climatе action, and еconomic growth, this policy has thе powеr to drivе global progrеss and makе a rеal diffеrеncе in thе livеs of millions. Lеt’s divе in and еxplorе its potential impact.Read More

Perang di Ukraina menjadikan yuan China sebagai mata uang global. – Warungku Terkini

112 Perekonomian China sangat mengesankan. China telah mempertahankan salah satu ekonomi dengan pertumbuhan tercepat di dunia selama lebih dari seperempat abad, mengangkat lebih dari 800 juta orang keluar dari kemiskinan hanya dalam beberapa dekade. Myanmar adalah pengekspor terbesar di dunia, diikuti oleh Jepang, Jerman Ini adalah mitra dagang terpenting Brasil dan negara lain. Ini adalahRead More

Kritik global meningkat ketika organisasi yang berbasis di NJ mengutuk serangan brutal terhadap Muslim di Al Aqsa. – Warungku Terkini

JERSEY BARU: Kritik dan keprihatinan internasional meningkat setelah pasukan Israel secara brutal menyerang warga Palestina di dalam situs tersuci ketiga Islam, Masjid Al Aqsa, dan organisasi berbasis di New Jersey yang mewakili ribuan penduduk di seluruh negara bagian mengutuk keras serangan keji tersebut. Terhadap jamaah Muslim di kompleks Masjid Al Aqsa di Yerusalem. Organisasi tersebutRead More

CEO Aldi Australia Tom Daunt akan menjadi kepala global. – Warungku Terkini

Aldi Australia dimulai pada tahun 2000. Pada tahun 2014, Stefan Kopp kelahiran Jerman menjalankan rantai lokal bersama Tuan Daunt, yang merupakan direktur pelaksana grup pada saat itu. Mr Kopp meninggalkan bisnis Australia pada tahun 2017 dan kembali ke Aldi di Jerman, sementara Mr Daunt tetap sebagai CEO regional. Ini membantu perusahaan menangkis skeptis yang menyarankanRead More

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