Listen to Cash Cobain & Bay Swag’s “Fisherrr”: New Rap Music Today – Warungku Terkini

Cash Cobain & Bay Swag: “Fisherrr” Back in the mid-2010s, there were particular rappers who built their mythos around leaks and low-quality snippets—Young Thug and Playboi Carti, specifically—but now pretty much everyone plays that game. If a rapper has a fanbase, then it’s almost a guarantee that there is also a frenzied black market forRead More

Listen to Baby Fifty’s “Stop Barrin on the Men”: New Rap Music Today – Warungku Terkini

Baby Fifty: “Stop Barrin on the Men” The spooky, percussion-heavy beats that dominate DMV street rap are usually so formulaic that any time one is slightly different, it throws me off completely. For example: TrapMoneyBiggie’s instrumental for “Stop Barrin on the Men” (no idea what that title even means), which lays the traditional sputtering drumsRead More

Listen to TyBass’ “Anguilla” [ft. Lsdvas]: New Rap Music Today – Warungku Terkini

TyBass & Lsdvas: “Anguilla (Remix)” The New York summertime anthems are coming. On my early admission list: Cash Cobain and Bay Swag’s “Fisherrr,” Xaviersobased’s “KlkMiHijo,” any Baby Osama song, and whichever 41 leak actually comes out in full. There are more contenders on TyBass’ recent mixtape Gyallery (Side B), a breezy blend of sing-rap melodiesRead More

Listen to Anysia Kym’s “#71 (Again and Again)”: New Rap Music Today – Warungku Terkini

Anysia Kym: “#71 (Again and Again)” Last year, on Pressure Sensitive, singer and producer Anysia Kym’s collab tape with UK underground cornerstone Jadasea, the duo landed on a frantic sound that felt like stumbling around faded at the rave (check out my favorite, “Hard2sey”). In comparison, Anysia’s new single, “#71 (Again and Again),” is laidback,Read More

Listen to Balenci02’s “Trending”: New Rap Music Today – Warungku Terkini

Balenci02: “Trending” Balenci02’s majestic, blown-out beats are what I imagine it’s like to stand in the eye of a hurricane: chaotic and supernatural and strangely alluring all at once. It’s a mystery that anyone can rap over them, but some like Fucksnowrr, Sai, and Balenci02 himself understand how to catch the bumpy grooves. On “Trending,”Read More

Listen to Mari Montana’s “My Lil Shit (Pt.2)”: New Rap Music Today – Warungku Terkini

Mari Montana: “My Lil Shit (Pt.2)” Suddenly, on Valentine’s Day, rappers who’ve never said a romantic word in their lives are longing like Carl Thomas on the cover of Emotional. They’re taking a day off from hyper-masculine theatrics and dropping R&B-sampling mixtapes full of freaky sex fantasies. Mari Montana got the memo on “My LilRead More

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